Clients are demanding more predictability in their legal budgets, and we heard them.  Baker Donelson’s team of legal, project management and process improvement professionals are leveraging their years of experience to provide in-house counsel with valuable guidance and direction on how to legal matters more efficiently.

  • Legal Project Management applies a systemic planning and budget accountability approach to the practice of law. Our dedicated in-house project management professionals, who are certified by the Project Management Institute, were among the first in the country to develop a proprietary LPM system.
  • Lean Process Improvement utilizes a process improvement methodology designed specifically for legal matters. Our Lean-certified professionals are focused on identifying and eliminating waste, while managing legal matters more efficiently.
  • Reliable Budgeting uses a formalized evaluation and estimate of work required to meet client objectives to create project budgets broken down into phases, deliverables, timing and rates.
  • Innovative Pricing: Alternative pricing is a collaborative effort with clients that identifies models which can achieve more predictability. To facilitate this process and determine which potential AFAs will best achieve their business and legal objectives, we work closely with our clients to understand their businesses and define the scope of a project from the beginning.
  • Team Management enables our advisory team to help you develop a work management system for all of your legal matters, whether you’re dealing with one matter and one firm; dozens of projects and multiple firms; or management of your own in-house legal staff.
  • LegalShift, LLC: Clients may desire to implement these solutions on an enterprise basis with all of their outside counsel, not just Baker Donelson.  In order to make these innovations available on a broader basis, Baker Donelson formed a subsidiary, LegalShift, LLC, which is staffed with senior-level consultants and advisors who have years of experience working with in-house teams to achieve operational improvements.

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