Although it was originally developed for the manufacturing industry, Baker Donelson recognizes the benefits of Toyota’s Lean methodology for the practice of law. BakerLeanTM LPMO project managers, attorneys and pricing professionals are Lean-certified advocates for continuous process improvement and have integrated these concepts into a proprietary model for legal process improvement – BakerLeanTM. The team implements BakerLeanTM when developing project plans, budgets and pricing models which typically include tasks, sequencing, resource allocation and time estimates. Though it is easy to create a budget, real client value comes from the development of “lean” pricing models which provide clients with a waste-free process and Baker Donelson with best practices to ensure efficiency and predictability.

Lean Process Improvement


Case Study

  • Client: An In-House legal team responsible for management of a national portfolio of litigation.
  • Problem: The client wanted to improve the performance metrics of all of its vendors including cost per matter, duration and number of timekeepers per matter.
  • Solution: The LPMO worked with the Firm’s client team across a multistate region to implement BakerLeanTM and design a repeatable process that promoted cost consistency, shortened timelines for delivery and optimal use of resources across the multistate service area.

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