Lean Process Improvement

Lean Process Improvement, modeled after the Toyota Production System, includes techniques to promote customer focus, eliminate waste, increase quality and encourage continuous improvement. We have identified Lean tools which can assist with the evaluation of existing processes and help identify areas of waste and opportunities for improvement of legal processes. Lean Process Improvement can streamline service delivery and provide a road map for more efficient management of cases.

Case Study

  • Client: National corporate legal department.
  • Problem: A Microsoft word document was used for bi-weekly reporting of high-level issues to the General Counsel. The GC needed an improved process to communicate about key matters and projects being managed by the team. The GC also needed to identify quarterly and annual metrics concerning the value provided by the legal department and a streamlined method to gauge team responsibilities and workload.
  • Solution: Baker Donelson conducted a Lean evaluation of the legal department and all business units to quantify day-to-day information that needed to be communicated to management. The final product was a streamlined reporting process and supporting technology system which automated many of the manual reporting functions previously managed by the team.

“The application of Lean Process Improvement allowed our key client service team to create a future state budget model that improved per matter cost from historical levels and streamlined our internal processes by implementing counter measures including automating discovery documents and standardizing document management procedures to enhance efficiencies.”

Managing Director

Financial Services Department

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