Corporate legal departments, as well as other project-driven departments, are challenged with managing, capturing and reporting on their activities. Managers must ensure all activities are providing value and contributing to strategic departmental goals. They must also quantify and balance the workload while assessing the performance of individuals and the team as a whole. Baker Donelson’s team of certified project managers has created a Microsoft SharePoint based system to address these needs. This centralized system can provide the critical metrics and reporting management requires, while ensuring that team members are not burdened with the associated data entry or reporting that can detract from primary tasks.

Benefits to Management

  • Visibility of individual and team workload and performance
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and assignments
  • Enhanced resource utilization and work load distribution
  • Improved monitoring and reporting
  • Enhanced planning metrics
  • Meeting organization and efficiency
  • Management of strategic goals and associated projects

Benefits to Team

  • Captures work tasks simply and quickly and allows prioritization
  • Reduces or eliminates need to search through emails or meeting notes for reporting
  • Replaces weekly or bi-weekly reporting
  • Facilitates meeting agendas and streamlines meetings
  • Quantifies productivity and successes and automatically captures metrics for management reporting


Case Study

  • Client: Legal department for large, publicly-traded client.
  • Problem:
    • External: Needed to identify methods to improve GC’s ability to monitor, control and report on the performance of both in-house counsel and outside counsel.
    • Internal: The LPMO at Baker Donelson had already recognized the need for improved project monitoring and the need to perform an assessment of the client’s legal department to make recommendations for improvements.
  • Solution:
    • External: Baker Donelson developed a client-specific workflow and processes to improve both overall management of the in-house legal team and communication with supported business units. It also facilitated implementation of a software system to track project status (including matters managed by outside counsel, internal compliance obligations and counseling functions), automate reporting and report annual successes.
    • Internal: Baker Donelson continues to improve and enhance both the processes and system as new and challenging projects arise.

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